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Jill Murray will be leading the Designing Drama session for IGDA Montreal's Workshop Swap on Tuesday March 29th.


While we're recovering from GDC, please check out new and upcoming games from our talented clients:


  • Jill Murray

    Jill Murray is an award-winning game writer and young adult novelist. She began her writing career exploring themes of adolescence with novels Break on Through and Rhythm and Blues (Random House) before transitioning into games. In 2013, she won a Writer’s Guild of America Award for Outstanding Video Game Writing, for her work on Assassin’s Creed Liberation (Ubisoft). Lauded for its sensitivity and inclusiveness, her work has included two more Assassin’s Creed titles- Black Flag and Freedom Cry, VR games Fated (Frima), and Time Machine VR (Minority Media), and teen dating simulator, LongStory (Bloom). She is the president of Discoglobe Interactive Inc., a game narrative studio in Montreal, Canada, where she is producing her first independent title, a mobile YA fantasy text adventure.

  • Writing Partners

    Our highly collaborative Virtual Writers' Rooms are assembled on an as-needed basis, and include talented and experienced writers from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and writing styles.